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A Snowy Retreat: Our Family Ski Trip to Big White

Posted on:February 15, 2022


Our family’s recent ski trip to Big White was the perfect blend of winter fun and cozy mountain living. My wife Tricia, our three girls - Sadie, Lily, and Maggie, along with my in-laws, embarked on this snowy adventure, and it was a trip to remember!

Chalet Living on the Slopes

We rented a charming chalet right on the mountain, which was a dream come true for any ski enthusiast. The highlight? It had a hot tub! Imagine soaking in warm, bubbling water while surrounded by a winter wonderland - it was as magical as it sounds. The convenience of skiing right from our front door each morning was something we all relished.

Snowboarding Shenanigans


Sadie and I decided to shake things up a bit by trying our hands (or feet) at snowboarding. Let’s just say we weren’t destined to be snowboarding pros! Our attempts led to a lot of laughter and some memorable tumbles in the snow. It was a humbling, yet incredibly fun experience.

Skating and Sweet Treats

One of our trip highlights was the time we all spent skating. There’s something special about gliding over ice surrounded by snow-capped mountains. And, of course, no winter activity would be complete without indulging in some Beaver Tails. These sweet, fried pastries were the perfect treat to warm us up after a day on the ice.

Celebrating Tricia’s Birthday

The trip was made even more special as we celebrated Tricia’s birthday. Surrounded by family, the beauty of Big White, and the warmth of our chalet, it was a birthday to remember. We shared laughter, stories, and toasted to many more adventures together.

Final Thoughts

Big White

This trip to Big White was more than just a skiing holiday; it was a reminder of the joy of spending quality time with family. From the slopes to the hot tub, from the skating rink to the dining table, each moment was a treasure.

Here’s to more family adventures in the snow!