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Updating To Astro 3.0

Posted on:August 30, 2023

This is a short post that documents how I update my Astro Blog. Astro 3.0 was announced today and I’m going to document the steps I used to update the site.

Check That Everything is Committed

$ git status
On branch main
nothing to commit, working tree clean

Double Check That the Site Builds & Loads

Before starting any migration, it’s a good idea to check that things are in a working state.

$ npm run build

$ npm run dev
11:03:35 AM [check] Checking files in watch mode
  πŸš€  astro  v2.9.0 started in 61ms

  ┃ Local    http://localhost:3000/
  ┃ Network  use --host to expose

11:03:35 AM [content] Watching src/content/ for changes
11:03:35 AM [content] Types generated
11:03:35 AM [astro] update /.astro/types.d.ts
11:03:35 AM [astro] update /.astro/types.d.ts (x2)
βœ”  Getting diagnostics for Astro files in /Users/irbull/git/toro/…
11:03:37 AM [diagnostics] Result (26 files):
- 0 errors
- 0 warnings
- 0 hints

Read the Upgrade Guide

Astro provides a detailed migration guide, and I suggest reading it over before you begin. In my case there were a few things that I needed to take care of.

  1. I was using the experimental assets. These are no longer experimental and the flag needed to be removed from my astro.config.mjs file.
  2. I was using the @astrojs/image dependency in my package.json. I had to remove this.

I was then able to upgrade to the latest Astro version. I also updated the React & Tailwind versions:

$ npm install astro@latest
$ npm install @astrojs/react@latest @astrojs/tailwind@latest
 npm install @astrojs/check typescript

Use npm-check-updates to Update the Other Dependencies

I decided to update all the other dependencies in the site at this time. I used npm-check-update to do this. This tool should not be used on a big project, but my site is pretty small.

$ npm install -g npm-check-updates

Use ncu to update all packages and then install them.

$ ncu --upgrade
$ npm install

Test the Site

Use npm run build and npm run dev to start the development site and smoke test that things are working as expected. There were a few problems with the layout. This was mostly due to problems in my Tailwind styles. With the upgrade to @astrojs/tailwind@5.0 some existing styles were broken. Looking at the docs, it seems I was accidentally exploiting a few bugs, which have since been fixed.

Install the Astro Typescript Checker

Astro Check requires an extra dependency if you are using Typescript. Since I am, I installed @astrojs/check typescript:

 $ npm install @astrojs/check typescript

Turns out I had a few typescript errors on my site which the tool detected.