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Sun-Kissed Slopes: A Family Ski Day at Mount Washington

Posted on:March 23, 2023


What a day to remember! The entire clan hit the slopes at Mount Washington yesterday, and let me tell you, it was a sun-drenched adventure from start to finish.

Morning Layers and Misty Breath

We started the day bundled up as if for a polar expedition, the morning chill convincing us we needed all those layers. As we carved our first tracks, the mountain welcomed us with open arms, and the promise of a brilliant day was clear as the sky above us.

Maggie Takes the Lead

Our youngest, was the star of the show, zipping down the slopes with a fearless joy that only a child knows. She was in her element, and it wasn’t long before she was leading us down her favorite runs, her laughter ringing out like a bell in the crisp mountain air.

Shedding Layers Under the Alpine Sun

By noon, we were peeling off layers faster than a speed skier shreds down the mountain. The sun was relentless, and soon our winter gear was replaced by the casual comfort of T-shirts – a rare but welcome attire for a ski day.

Afternoon Runs in Tees

Skiing in T-shirts isn’t something you get to do very often, but today was an exception. There’s a unique kind of freedom that comes with swooshing down the slopes, feeling the sun warming your back – it’s liberating and a bit cheeky.

Cooling Down as the Sun Did

As the sun began its descent, it took the day’s warmth with it, reminding us why we had packed all those layers in the first place. We ended our day with a beautiful sunset that painted the sky in shades of orange and purple, a perfect curtain call for our spring ski session.

Final Thoughts

It’s days like these, skiing with my family under a clear blue sky, that really stick with you. When life gets busy, it’s memories like skiing in T-shirts with my wife and daughters that I’ll look back on and smile.

Stay tuned for more family adventures where the sun and the snow meet!